Nevo Studios - High quality reverb IR's from top class analog units!

Mix with top class vintage
reverbs in your DAW!

High quality made impulse responses (IR) from our vintage reverbs
here at Nevo Studios, just the way we use them! It will bring
character and depth to your tracks.

NEVO Hi-Gain Guitar Series
Hi-Gain Guitar Series by Nevo Studios, designed specifically for metal guitars in mix, recordings and live performances. This packages offers cab impulse responses and Kemper / ToneX -profiles that deliver a tight, massive, and aggressive tone. Perfect for e.g. modern metal, death, trash, core, and djent.

Nevo Plates & Springs – Bundle

High quality made impulse responses (IR) from our vintage plates and springs here at Nevo Studios, just the way we use them! It will bring character and depth to your tracks. Take a listen to our samples and get pristine reverbs worth over 10.000 dollars of hardware!

$14.95  $29.95

These single packs are included in Nevo Plates & Springs bundle!
You can also buy these separately for $9.99/each

Nevo AMS RMX 16


By the mid 80s, nearly every major studio had an RMX 16. It practically defined the drum sound of the era with the huge drums of Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight”. The gated reverb preset NonLin 2 has been heard on hundreds, if not thousands recordings from the 1980s onward. The Sound of the RMX 16 is unique and much sought after.

$14.95  $29.95

NEVO - Studio Springs

NEVO – Studio Springs

High quality impulse responses (IR) from a couple of our vintage spring reverbs here at Nevo Studios. This bundle is a great complement to our Plates and Springs bundle and offers a more unique flavour, both high-end richness and lo-fi imperfection for unique sounds. Nevo Studio Springs is perfect for mixing with lush expensive tails with low fidelity ”glue” that puts your mix together.

$14.95   $29.95

Nevo AKG BX15


In the early 80s AKG made one of the best sounding stereo spring reverbs ever made based on a technology called Torsional Transmission Line principle (TTL) which gave the BX range a unique texture and sound. We use the BX15 mostly on piano, grand piano and electric guitar but works on more or less everything including drums and percussion.


Why do our reverbs sound the way they sound?

First of all we are a well-reputed recording and mixing studio. Our gear are in perfect condition and we take every decision based upon our ears with +20 years of experience in a controlled acoustic enviroment with ATC monitoring. We know that software reverbs in a DAW do not sound the way an analog or digital hardware reverb sounds, especially on an analog console.

We want to make sure our impulse responses sound as close to our hardware reverbs as possible to enhance our own workflow. To do so we have invested great deal of effort doing lots and lots of impulse responses, and by bringing them back to the analog console while mixing, not until then we can tell for sure if it’s close enough!

We don’t travel to other studios to print our IR's or let people send them to us, we do everything here at Nevo Studios, and use them just the way we use them in our analog mixes. If it’s sounds good enough for us, we believe it’s sounds good enough for you.

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