Online mixer - AMS RMX 16 - Nevo Studios

Nevo – AMS RMX 16

Try our online mixer with a few samples of the different banks in AMS RMX 16!
The reverbs are applied to the snare and toms of the kit.
The samples are made with our IR’s and not the actually unit. So what you hear is what you get!
Note! If the mixer doesnt load within 1 minute, please try another webbrowser.

Nevo AMS RMX 16

Impulse responses of (Wav files 48kHz, 32bit):
AMS RMX 16 (a total of 121 IR wave files)

Install instructions and preset files included for:
ABLETON (Convolution Reverb Pro / MacOS + Windows)
ALTIVERB (MacOS + Windows)
CUBASE PRO (REVerence / MacOS + Windows)
FL STUDIO (Fruity Convolver / MacOS + Windows)
IR-1 (Waves / MacOS + Windows)
LOGIC PRO X (Space Designer)
PRO TOOLS (Space / MacOS + Windows)
REAPER (ReaVerb / MacOS + Windows)
REVERBERATE 3 (MacOS + Windows)
STUDIO ONE “PRO” (Open-Air / MacOS + Windows)